A - Training of technical experts in the field of security of CH against man-made threats (terrorism, vandalism, thefts) and natural disasters (floods, earthquakes).

Who will be trained:

  • Students and researchers from the Countries at war, with special attention to young people who were forced to stop their university path
  • Civil servants in the field of CH : museums, archaeological parks, restoration centres, etc.)

Characteristics of the course:

  • 8 months, in Bosco Marengo, Torino e Venezia
  • Expected learning outcomes are expressed through European Dublin descriptors

Admission requirements

  • First Level Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Archaeology, Art history, Conservation and Restoration, Chemistry, Archival Science

Educational Objectives

  • Supporting first aid to cultural in complex emergencies
  • Supporting mitigation measures
  • Increase the level of security of sites, museums, monuments
  • Supporting of recovering, storing and transporting of objects/art pieces (safety actions,no restoration)
  • Cooperation with legal institution for contrast the illegal trade and trafficking

Knowledge and understanding

  • Multi-disciplinary context, including security measures (technology and organization); 3D survey, 3D GIS; database/bigdata; first-aid to historic structures and cultural collections and post-crisis recovery, etc.

Applying knowledge and understanding

  • Security assessments
  • Security policies
  • Structured georeferenced database
  • International standards (INSPIRE, …)
  • 3D modelling, Augmented reality, rapid prototyping
  • Diagnostics and monitoring
  • Valorization of CH site
  • Economic evaluation of the security interventions
  • Prevention and mitigation measures
  • Storing and transportation protocols during artworks recovery

Communications Skills

  • Work in teams, according to a
  • Communicate successfully with the various actors involved
  • Mediation and negotiation skills
  • Respect for different cultures

B - International Teams

  • Composed by the people trained during the 8-months course
  • "Field Operational Teams" (FOPETs)
  • FOPETs implement the competencies provided in the course
  • FOPETs are a local scientific+technical+operational capacity, that can be used also to help international teams like Blue Shields or Blue Helmet for Culture

C - Creation of local new companies, called Satellite 

  • They are catalysts for development and capacity building
  • They are near the Countries at war (e.g., Lebanon, Jordan ) or in Countries whose
  • CH is threatened (e.g. Egypt, Tunisia )
  • No Profit coordination unit in Italy
  • FOPETs are managed through the Satellites Centres
    • New jobs
    • Capacity building
    • Innovative service supply chains for the security of CH
    • Cultural bridges for dialogue and cooperation


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